Our services will help you augment profitability and business process capacity while lowering process cycle time. Our services include:


Our productized services will bring efficiency in ‘Document Management’ for Loan Intake and Post-Closing across channels; Pre-Purchase Reviews and Post-Closing for Correspondent lending business.

We provide 99.5% accuracy using our cutting-edge technology platform – ‘DocEaze’. This ML & OCR enabled platform helps reduce both the - ‘processing time’ and ‘cost’ significantly. Our auto indexing capped with QC efforts will ensure the below tasks are performed seamlessly:

  • Automated Stacking and Indexing

  • Automated Data Extraction and Accuracy reviews

  • Exceptions Management, Reporting and Analytics

Loan setup and Vendor Ordering Services

Our services include - validating and updating key information from 1003 into LOS, placing and fulfilling 3rd party orders such as Title report, 1004, 4506T, Flood Certs etc, evaluating Credit documents, update LOS, formulating Initial Disclosures for loan officers thereby enhancing the throughput.

Loan Processing Services

Our services include – Loan Coordination, LOS Reconciliations, Documents Review, Reviewing Income, Asset and Collateral, pre-approval of DU/LP proposal, conditions clearing etc. We help reduce your overall loan production cost, speed-up the loan closure timelines and boost Customer Experience.

Pre-underwriting Services

Our underwriting experts assist in elevating your underwriter’s productivity by performing a detailed proactive loan review covering all 4 Cs - Income calculation, Asset verification, Collateral Reviews and Credit Reconciliation before submitting the loan package to the underwriters. We provide recommendations basis our detailed pre-underwriting review and raise/review conditions.

Pre-funding and Post-Close QC Services

Our proprietary platform, DocEaze can be a one-stop solution for your QC processes covering both Pre-Funding and Post-Closing. Besides Post-Close indexing, ‘DocEaze’ platform can be tailored with business rules to help systematize and simplify the pre-funding and Post-Close QC process.

Our Pre-funding QC team performs both detailed and targeted review of pre-funding QC and ensures that only eligible loans are sold to Investors. We perform reverification of all documents for its accuracy and integrity of the information. We validate and review Underwriting Decision and Approval conditions, Borrower’s Income and Employment information, Asset information, Credit History, Occupancy Status, etc.

Our Post-Closing experts will help you comply with statutory GSE regulations by completing sample audits on selected 10% of your closed loans covering Collateral, Credit, Capacity, Compliance and Closing.

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